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Welcome, we are Dropbox Design.

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We believe simple is magic, and business software should be elegant and intuitive—your tools for work should work for you.

We believe joy is the engine that powers all the best ideas. So we’re designing a way of working that makes space for it, removing the distractions, interruptions, and frustrations that get in the way.

We believe it’s important to connect all the dots. We design Dropbox to seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use, so everything—and everyone—plays well together.


Guided by style

A style guide is a living project that requires regular care and maintenance. Care for it well, and it will provide for you in return. Your company’s writing helps people to connect with your product, trust what you deliver, and keep using it.

UX writing

10 tips on making magic with writers

Because the process of working with a writer can feel mysterious, here are 10 tips for non-writers on collaborating with your company’s friendly neighborhood word nerds.

UX writing

The role of UX writing in design ethics

Dark patterns are user interface patterns specifically designed to trick a person into making a choice they wouldn’t want to make. When the words in your product frustrate, shame, or manipulate people into taking actions they wouldn’t otherwise have taken, the user experience fails.

Design ethics UX writing

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