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5 pitfalls to avoid when reading analytics

Learning about something and actually being mentally ready to do it are two very different things, and since analytics don’t always state the objective truth, we need to have the right tools and mindset if we’re to unravel the mysteries of our users.


Google Analytics: how to perform user research

Knowing who your users are is crucial to any design process, and user research plays a vital role in that. User research consists of a whole range of different tools and techniques, but what underpins them all is gathering useful information about who your users are and what they want to achieve.


5 myths about data-driven design

It’s not unusual for designers to omit data-driven design from their workflow, simply because of the unfair myths surrounding analytics and the way that data-driven design is conducted.


UX analytics: what they are, and why they matter

UX analytics are analytics used to drive user experience design. But what exactly do we mean by “analytics”?


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