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UX Design Institute UX Design Institute

Build your UX career with globally-recognised, industry-approved qualifications. Acquire the mindset, the skills and the confidence that make UX designers so valuable.

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Setting the standard in UX education

We’re setting the standard in UX education with university credit-rated, industry-approved online courses.

We deliver in-depth UX education and certification programmes.

Our goal is to bridge the global skills gap in UX design,
and to provide a career pathway for UX designers.

University credit-rated

All our courses are university credit-rated. This guarantees a level of academic excellence, and gives students authentic, globally-recognised qualifications.

Industry collaboration

Members of our Industry Advisory Council include global leaders in the tech, design and recruitment industries. Their role is to oversee the development of our courses, and ensure they are current, relevant and focused on the skills most needed by employers.