Issue 8

29 May 2020


Using UX testing to improve A/B testing results – designing tests based on the outcomes of user testing saves money and time and leads to better results.

Creating depth in Sketch – a primer on emulating light sources to better convey depth in your designs.

Jobs to be done– how to use jobs-to-be-done to test assumptions and solve customer problems.

Modern touch-friendly design – guidelines for working with large touch screens.

How to convince others not to use dark patterns

How to feel more energised even when you’re stuck at a desk all day


Above the Fold– Sketch plugin to test whether important elements are visible at different breakpoints.

Figurative – free iPad app for Figma. Really interesting proof of concept, but only really works when you’ve got a bluetooth mouse. Worth trying out though. – CSS keyframe animator.

Cool stuff

Jazz Keys – enjoy some mellow jazz while writing your next email.

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