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Unmoderated user tests: how and why to do them

The 6 steps for running unmoderated usability testing are: define study goals, select testing software, write task descriptions, pilot the test, recruit participants, and analyze the results.

User testing

Tools for unmoderated usability testing

Many platforms for unmoderated usability testing have similar features; to choose the best tool for your needs, focus on the type of data that you need to collect for your goals.

User testing

Cancel vs Close: Design to Distinguish the Difference

Distinguishing between these two actions is critical to avoiding losing users’ work. Save changes before closing a view, use text labels rather than an X icon, and provide a confirmation dialog before destructive actions.

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How UX Professionals Collaborate on Deliverables

Creating and refining UX deliverables is typically not a solitary act, and we frequently see UX professionals working with other team members to create documentation and design artifacts.


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