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Accessibility for Teams

A ‘quick-start’ guide for embedding accessibility and inclusive design practices into your team’s workflow.

Design toolkit Accessibility

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UX and the Importance of Web Accessibility

Web accessibility is about giving everyone access to the same information, regardless of the impairments users may have.


Accessible by design

Accessible design is not only a matter of civic-mindedness. It is becoming risky not to take users of all abilities into account. Here are some simple things we can do to help our apps and website be more accessible to all.


The business case for inclusive design: The Big Hack study findings

Our latest study looks at how much businesses are missing out by not developing accessible websites, apps and products. It is part of our broader research into how inclusive design affects how disabled people choose to spend their money.


Unexpected accessibility tips

8+1 unexpected but practical tips for testing accessibility and inclusive design.


Placeholders in form fields are harmful

Placeholder text within a form field makes it difficult for people to remember what information belongs in a field, and to check for and fix errors. It also poses additional burdens for users with visual and cognitive impairments.


The Business Case for Digital Accessibility

This article examines the rationale for organizations to address accessibility. It includes tangible and intangible benefits, and the risks of not addressing accessibility adequately.


What Is Web Accessibility?

Who you need to consider when making your website accessible and what their unique requirements are.