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A showcase of the best examples of beautifully designed mobile apps - iPhone, iPad, Android, UI Patterns.

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How to Use the Best UI Design Patterns

We’ll explain the different classifications of UI patterns and describe how to choose the right ones based on your needs.

Design patterns

Dark patterns: 12 tricks you should never use in your products

Using dark patterns is not encouraged. They erode trust, and take advantage of the individuals using your product. We discuss what a dark pattern is, and look at 12 recognizable patterns you should never use in your products.

Design patterns

UX design patterns: what, why and how

UX design patterns help designers devise workable solutions to common interface problems. UX patterns incorporate design best practices for every single piece of functionality, whether it’s a sign-in form or a site's navigation.

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Design patterns

When a new product is designed, everyone wants it to be “Easy to use”. But how this “Easy to use” is achieved?

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Why UX design patterns work and how to use them

Some solutions worked so well that designers everywhere began to use them repeatedly. And through familiarity, users came to expect them. This was the beginning of web design patterns.

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