Summary: When evaluating content, pay extra attention to whom you recruit. Closely tailor tasks to your participants and get comfortable with silence.

<p> Writing good digital content requires a deep understanding of who your users are , how they think, and what they know. Testing your product’s content with users can help you to determine whether:</p><p> You can evaluate your content using a variety of methods (including eyetracking and cloze tests ), but our favorite way is through usability testing . A content-focused usability test can work much like any other such test, but there are some nuances to consider when the primary goal is evaluating digital copy.</p><h2> Test Structure & Facilitation</h2><p> As the researcher or facilitator, you should be extremely familiar with the content you will test and with the domain it belongs to . This is particularly important for people working for agencies, since they may be new to the content area.</p>

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