Summary: Communication is the top challenge when designing remotely, according to 213 UX professionals. Receiving feedback, replicating informal conversations, and maintaining a clear direction on projects were the biggest communication concerns.

<p> Remote work is becoming the new normal thanks to increasing network speeds, a variety of video conferencing tools, and a pandemic that forces workers to remain in isolation. While many practitioners and companies have been working remotely for quite some time ( including us at NN/g ), for many people 2020 marked their first exposure to remote work.</p><p> We wanted to understand how the transition to remote work has affected UX designers, the challenges they faced, and how they remained productive in a new environment.</p><h2> Research Method</h2><p> This research consisted of 17 remote interviews conducted via video conferencing and a survey of 306 UX practitioners. These 323 total participants represented a diverse range of countries, industries, roles, and experience. 70% of our survey respondents indicated they started working remotely due to the 2020 pandemic.</p>

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