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5 Product Analyses That Put Customers at the Center of Your PLG Strategy

By Mickey Alon The ultimate challenge for any product leader is to ensure that customers not only try, but keep using your product over time. This is the heart of a product-led growth (PLG) strategy. A great product can be a fast path to revenues, brand loyalty, word-of-mouth, and durable business growth. Product-led growth is a go-to-market (GTM) approach that transforms the way we design products and deliver them to market. PLG is about putting the product at the forefront of the customer journey to drive conversions, retention, adoption, and expansion by delivering an immersive product experience. Plus, in today’s software as a service (SaaS) environment, in which free trials, freemium experiences, and self-service onboarding are quickly becoming increasingly popular, it’s not a question of whether your company will adopt a PLG strategy, but when your company will adopt this model. While PLG is not trivial to implement, it leads to stronger economic units such as net dollar retention (NDR or NRR), gross revenue retention (GRR), and customer acquisition cost (CAC). PLG can help you unlock organic expansion and growth. Read More

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