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9 Useful Principles of UX Design

By Isaias Lijauco In addition to optimizing a product or service’s branding, design, usability, and functionality, UX designers employ certain principles to ensure that they create products and services that provide optimal experiences to users. By following the principles I’ve outlined in this article, you can improve the quality of your UX design solutions. UX Is Not Equal to UI User-interface (UI) design is only one part of UX design. Improving a product or service’s UI design alone is not enough to optimize the user experience. The user interface is the space within which your target audience interacts with your brand. In contract, the user experience is the user’s emotional response to your product or service. By improving the user interface, you can make your product or service more usable and accessible to more people. However, this is not the totality of their experience when encountering your brand. Read More

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