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Blending SEO and UX Design to Create a Strategic Future

By Rebecca Barnatt-Smith In an ecommerce driven landscape, improving your organic search metrics is vital. To compete with the industry giants and social-media platforms who are ruling the roost in 2022, maintaining a high, authoritative search position within your niche is key to success. As search-engine optimization (SEO) practice continues to change—along with the more than 200 potential ranking factors that Web sites must now take into account—it’s no surprise that smart marketers are diverging from traditional strategies and combining their team efforts to perfect their optimization. One example of this is the partnership potential that exists between SEO and UX design. As marketers continue to prioritize the user experience as an SEO tactic, experts suggest that ranking scores could soar in response. The question is: just how powerful could this SEO/UX partnership be? How can new marketers utilize user experience in designing a strategic future? Let’s find out. Read More

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