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Building Lasting Relationships with Members of Your User Panel

By Peter Veto In my previous Continuous Research columns about user-research panels—user panels, in short—I covered the topics of automating your user-recruitment processes and ways to fill your recruitment pipeline. I argued that we should consider recruitment a high-value first step in the user-research process rather than the task checkbox that UX teams too frequently perceive it to be. If you automate your processes and focus your attention on building lasting personal relationships, you can have a group of trusted advisors who feed you insights continuously. In this final column in my three-part series about user panels, I’ll discuss how you should engage with new panel members. Now What? All your efforts have worked out and you now have a steady stream of HiPPO-quality user-research participants who want to give you feedback. This is a great problem to have! Now you can focus on building your relationships with these people. The way you welcome them, what information you store about them, and the way in which and how regularly you interact with them determine how successful you’ll be at building this group of trusted advisors. Read More

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