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Common App Design Challenges and Their Solutions

By Karthik Sakthivel Here is a little story: Prasanna searches for a mobile app relating to some task and ends up with one that seems to match her needs. So she downloads the app and tries using it to satisfy her need. But, once she installs the app, after using it for just a few minutes, she realizes that there are some odd bugs in the software that have caused a serious problem. She then blames herself for downloading a useless application that could have been completely disastrous for her. In other words, she becomes completely dissatisfied with the app she downloaded. So she uninstalls the app, then continues her search for another app that might satisfy her need. This is such a tragic story, right? Have you ever wondered why an app would be so complicated that it falls short of even basic usability? You might have. What if the same happens with the app you’re about to develop for your business? The app’s users would feel the same way Prasanna felt. Everything depends on the success of the design phase. When an app is structured in the right way, all other aspects of the design fall into place naturally and easily. Read More

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