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Design Mistakes That Hurt Your Web Site’s Conversion Rates

By Claudia Wensierska To run a successful business in today’s world, you need a strong Web site that reaches your potential clients and customers, both locally and across the globe. Your Web site can make the difference between a loyal, lifelong customer and a one-time shopper. Whether your Web site gives you a competitive advantage that helps you capture your target audience’s hearts—and wallets—depends on both its overall user experience and its user interface. Together, the user experience and the user interface determine the quality of the users’ interactions with your Web site and, thus, their response to the site. A successful Web site must take into account both the user experience and the user interface to ensure that the user’s entire journey is satisfying and enjoyable. To ensure that your organization’s Web site converts, you must avoid some common design mistakes that I’ll describe in this article. Read More

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