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Filling UX Skills Gaps in an Increasingly Cloud-based World, Part 1

By Jonathan Walter Someone recently asked me what UX roles and positions companies such as Rockwell Automation should invest in, as they evolve their business strategy to focus on SaaS (Software as a Service) and cloud-based services. My immediate thought: we first need to consider what skills will be necessary to support this change, because focusing too much on roles and positions tends to skew people’s mindsets toward staffing and recruiting before they’ve considered the user value they must deliver and the business outcomes they need to achieve. Nevertheless, the question was certainly a valid one that I’ve wrestled with over the past several months, as we’ve been preparing to expand our UX teams and capabilities to meet the demands of an evolving industry with new customer expectations. Now, after having had some time to mull over this question, I’ve concluded that companies on paths that are similar to Rockwell’s should bolster and invest in the following skills over the course of the next couple of years: UX strategy service design UX writing  Read More

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