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Filling UX Skills Gaps in an Increasingly Cloud-based World, Part 3

By Jonathan Walter In Part 1 of this series, I defined UX strategy, described some typical skills of UX professionals who fill UX strategy functions, and posited some reasons why it is becoming increasingly important for large companies to bolster their UX strategy skills as they evolve their solutions, orienting them more toward SaaS (Software as a Service) and the cloud. In Part 2, I took a similar approach with service design, another skillset to which companies should pay closer attention, which also necessitates improving the employee experience. Now, in Part 3, the final part of this series, I’ll turn my attention to UX writing, which is another UX skillset that is becoming increasingly important in the ever-evolving, cloud-based world of SaaS companies. Unifying all the various elements of the modern customer experience requires creating consistent, clear user-interface content and messaging, so these companies need to develop their teams’ UX writing skills. Plus, UX writing should be in close alignment with the UX design process. Read More

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