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Four Ways the Pandemic Has Permanently Changed UX Research

By Robert M. Schumacher There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed UX research. However, there is a deeper question that also requires an answer: how has the pandemic impacted the future of UX research? I wanted to understand not only how our industry has had to adapt during the pandemic, but also catch a glimpse at what any lasting changes might be. Comparing the way we worked more than two years ago with what we’re doing now, how has our approach changed? Perhaps even more interestingly, what will we be doing two years from now? It would have been easy to do a thought piece and try to predict the future, but none of us has a crystal ball. So I thought we might collectively be able to compare what we’re doing now with past practice and also peer over the horizon. So, in September 2021, my company Bold Insight launched a survey to answer these questions through social media—predominantly, by leveraging LinkedIn. Read More

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