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How Much Customer Research Is Enough When Designing New Products

By Aayush Gupta Thanks to the proliferation of start-up literature, we know that any product-development process should start with an unparalleled understanding of the user for whom you’re designing the product. It’s clear that consumer research is at the top of the to-do list for any entrepreneur or product manager exploring a new problem area. However, what’s often less clear is what the scope of this research should be. Spending too little time conducting primary research would hamper your ability to discover real customer needs around which you could design a successful business. In contrast, spending too much time could delay your beginning product-design iterations and, thus, deprive your team of precious learnings that you could gain by doing usability testing. There is no clear-cut answer or rule of thumb for how much consumer research to conduct. But there are some helpful signals you can watch out for that can help you to determine whether you should keep investigating or pull the plug on research and start solutioning. Read More

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