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How to Incorporate Accessible Design Elements into Mobile Apps

By Sara Faatz Accessible design is normal design. So the designers and developers of mobile apps should not draw a line between accessible and normal or usual design. Most people are likely to experience some form of disability—either temporarily or permanently—at some point in their life. Plus, we all make use of accessibility features at times—even if we don’t think of them in that way. If you’ve ever used your mobile device’s operating system in dark mode, zoomed or adjusted the size of text in a Web browser, or dictated text into Siri, you’ve benefited from your device’s accessibility features. Designing accessible apps just means designing them so all users can navigate their user interface comfortably and easily—just as for any mobile app or Web site its navigation system and content must be in a logical order. In this article, I’ll share a few things you should keep in mind when designing for mobile accessibility. Read More

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