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Improving an Ecommerce User Experience Through Data-Driven Design

By Kelly Anderson What is data-driven design? A design process through which we can derive valuable insights and make design decisions by keeping both the data and our users’ behaviors in mind. Consumer behaviors influence our designs, verify our assumptions and conclusions, and enable us to evaluate experience outcomes. The data divulge details about consumer needs and new trends, allowing teams to understand their target market and confirm or iterate their design decisions. Such data play a key role in achieving better business outcomes. When your UX design techniques include data-driven design, you can drive definite outcomes. Why Consider Data-Driven Design? Observing customers, analyzing their behaviors, and deriving conclusions from them is crucial to successful ecommerce design. Accurate, insightful data lets you verify your design hypotheses. If you rely on just using your intuition or on creating beautiful designs without conducting any data-driven analysis, your organization might waste money by implementing your designs, which could be turn out to be impractical and actually reduce a site’s traffic. Read More

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