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Leading UX Research Teams - 4 Tips for Researchers Who Manage Researchers

By Andrea Lewis Some senior UX researchers are boldly carving out their own progression paths in UX research. Indeed, it might be time for us to carve out our own future. A big part of that means creating clear pathways for growth within our UX research teams. In this article, I’ll discuss four career and management tips for UX research leaders to help them and their teams to blossom, survive, and thrive. As a leader in the UX research space, I’ve had the privilege of managing large UX research teams. I’ve had opportunities to train and mentor many newbies and junior researchers, and throughout my career, I’ve discovered ways of working that have helped me to manage my teams effectively. More importantly, as the industry grows and more and more researchers look to UX research as a possible career path, I’ve been managing their expectations. Read More

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