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Moderated Versus Unmoderated Usability Testing

By Salome Katunzi Usability testing is the practice of evaluating a product such as a Web site, application, system, or platform as real people are performing tasks with it. We put these products into the hands of real users to see whether they can navigate the product easily and complete the necessary tasks. At various phases of the software-development process, we can conduct usability testing on prototypes, alpha and beta versions of a product, and even live Web sites. To get the most out of your usability testing, you must first determine which method of testing is most appropriate for your project. There are two broad types of usability-testing methods: moderated and unmoderated usability testing. In this article, I’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of both moderated and unmoderated usability testing and provide some best practices for each testing method that can ensure successful test sessions. Read More

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