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The Risks and Rewards of App Modernization

By Jason Beres The process of app modernization involves taking older, legacy applications that are desperately in need of updates—so are at the end of their useful lifecycle—and updating their platform architecture to take advantage of modern systems and features. Although outdated software might still work and serve a purpose, such software is usually unable to deliver on the demands of today’s digital world. App modernization can bring new life to old software by adding new functionality and, thus, extending an app’s capabilities. In this article, I’ll discuss the need for app modernization, as well as its risks and rewards. Then I’ll outline a five-step, app-modernization process that can enable your software to generate new revenue streams—whether through embedding analytics, providing new services that add value, or selling data back to your customers. Take these steps now to ensure that your software remains relevant, is agile and efficient, and takes full advantage of data analytics. Read More

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