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The Role of UX - 2020 Benchmark Study Report and Analysis

By Michael A. Morgan and Pabini Gabriel-Petit UXmatters and the UX research consultancy User Fountain recently teamed up to survey UX professionals around the world on the role of User Experience within their organization. The Role of UX: 2020 Benchmark Study explores UX roles, tools, methods, and organizational structures, as well as organizations’ various levels of UX maturity. Our analysis of the survey’s findings explores three key themes: How did the work of UX teams change in 2020? What impact did the COVID-19 pandemic have on these teams and their work? What might 2021 bring for UX professionals? What impact has User Experience had on organizations? Finally, we’ll take a look at the UX professionals who participated in our survey—particularly their role within their organization—and the UX community resources on which they rely. Read More

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