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Top 8 Mobile-App Design Trends for 2022

By Rajat Chauhan The pandemic has radically changed our lifestyles. We have found ourselves more engaged than ever on digital and mobile platforms. The average American checks his or her mobile phone 344 times per day—that’s once every four minutes. Around 88% of US adults spend time in mobile apps. At work, at home, when eating, in bed, and even in our cars—hopefully, not while driving—we use our phones. You may be reading this on a mobile device right now. With the rising popularity of mobile apps, companies are investing more in enhancing their user experience, to make them more competitive and achieve business growth. UX design trends for mobile apps are continually changing. Every year, the world of mobile apps evolves substantially and progressively, so keeping up with the newest market trends is essential. In this article, I’ll share the most important design trends for mobile apps that you should know about in 2022. Read More

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