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Understanding User Behaviors Across Surfaces

By Hayley Yudelman, Aakanksha Parameshwar, Sohit Karol and Harini Sampath As UX researchers, working on cloud products at Google, we aim to make our products easier for enterprise users to use—for example, the technical developers and administrators of large applications such as shopping and human-resources (HR) Web sites. A significant component of learning about users’ behaviors is understanding how they navigate across surfaces—the different devices on which they use our applications to complete their goals. For example, enterprise users who are building or managing an application or service such as a shopping Web site might work across multiple surfaces when building and testing the site. We learned early on that switching between multiple surfaces is a natural behavior for enterprise users, but the key question we wanted to answer was when and why do users choose to move between surfaces. So we performed UX research to learn about these user behaviors. We also created a framework that would help teams across the company to prioritize the surfaces for which they should build. In this article, we’ll outline our research process and share the lessons we learned along the way. Read More

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