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DesignerUp podcast
DesignerUp podcast

A podcast about UI/UX, digital product design and mindful design and interaction - hosted by Elizabeth Alli of DesignerUp.co - this podcast explores the great power and responsibility we hold as designers and how we can do more intentional and mindful work.

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MA User Experience Design degree

Our degree will develop your critical awareness of major issues in interaction design, user experience (UX) design and service design to improve your effectiveness as a user-centred designer within industry.

Postgraduate UX design

Mobile Interaction Design: How to Design Usable Mobile Products and Services

This course will teach you to shape mobile products and services for people’s use.

Short course UX design

UI/UX Design Bootcamp

Become a UI/UX Designer. Job Guaranteed.

Bootcamp UX design Interface design

User Experience Design MSc

The aim of this course is to equip you with the behavioural theory, design practice and technology know-how that is necessary for a career as interaction designer, usability engineer, user researcher, or head of user experience.

Postgraduate UX design

User Experience Design MSc (PGCert PGDip)

A flexible course that you can tailor to your own professional interests. It will help to train you for roles that range from usability, interaction and interface design through to general project management and consulting.

Postgraduate UX design

UX Design Fundamentals

This hands-on course examines how content is organized and structured to create an experience for a user, and what role the designer plays in creating and shaping user experience.

Short course UX design

UX Design: From Concept to Prototype

Great design doesn’t come out of nowhere; it is born, nurtured, and grown – all through a systematic, learnable process.

Short course UX design Prototyping

Introduction to User Experience Design

The focus of this course is to introduce the learner to User Experience (UX) Design

Short course UX design

BSc (Hons) User Experience Design

Our BSc (Hons) in User Experience Design is rooted in NUA’s traditional strength in graphic design, design thinking, and creative problem-solving.

Undergraduate Intermediate UX design

UX Design Program

Learn all of the skills, tools, and processes necessary to become a UX designer

Bootcamp Beginner UX design

Become a UX designer from scratch

If you want to join one of the most rapidly growing fields in design, then look no further – this course will show you how to embark on a new career in UX design.

Short course Beginner UX design

Emotional design: how to make products people will love

This course will provide you with the information necessary to elicit positive emotional experiences through your designs.

Short course Intermediate User engagement UX design Interface design

Gestalt psychology and web design: the ultimate guide

Gain a thorough understanding of the various design principles that come together to create a user’s experience when using a product or service.

Short course Beginner UX design

Get your product used: adoption and appropriation

Master the concepts and practice of designing for adoption and appropriation, blending theory and practice to ensure you get to grips with these essential design processes.

Short course Advanced UX design User engagement

Information visualization

Simple but practical lessons to guide your development in information visualization.

Short course Beginner UX design

User experience: the beginner's guide

Gain a thorough understanding of the various design principles that come together to create a user’s experience when using a product or service.

Short course Beginner UX design

UX/UI design bootcamp

Become a UX/UI designer: Learn all about User Experience (UX) and Interface Design (UI). From User Research to testing. In full-time or part-time format.

Bootcamp Beginner Interface design UX design

UX Design Immersive

Your best course for career transformation in design. This full-time UX bootcamp features expert instruction, one-on-one career coaching, and connections to top employers to get you hired.

Bootcamp Beginner UX design

UX Design Course

Translate user wants and needs into intuitive digital experiences that power revenue, loyalty, and product success. Build confidence and credibility to tackle complex design problems on the job.

Bootcamp Beginner UX design

Professional Diploma in UX Design

Acquire the mindset, the skills and the confidence that make UX designers so valuable.

Diploma Beginner UX design

Product design master course

Get paid to design digital products by becoming a master of UI/UX.

Short course Beginner UX design Product design

Product design manual

An on-demand, self-guided video course to help you learn product (UI/UX) design.

Short course Beginner UX design Product design


100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People

We design to elicit responses from people. We want them to buy something, read more, or take action of some kind.

Susan Weinschenk

UX design Psychology

Don’t Make Me Think (Revisited)

Don't Make Me Think is an essential guide to usability and website design.

Steve Krug

UX design Usability

Experience Required

Whatever your role, Experience Required teaches you to become the UX leader you’ve always wanted to be.

Robert Hoekman Jr

UX design Usability

Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience

The Lean UX approach to interaction design is tailor-made for today’s web-driven reality.

Jeff Gothelf

UX design Lean

Seductive Interaction Design

What happens when you’ve built a great website or app, but no one seems to care?

Stephen P. Andserson

UX design Interaction design

Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook

Provides information about the step-by-step process of the different UX sketching techniques.

Saul Greenberg, Sheelagh Carpendale, Nicolai Marquardt, Bill Buxton

UX design

The User Experience Team of One

The User Experience Team of One prescribes a range of approaches that have big impact and take less time and fewer resources than the standard lineup of UX deliverables.

Leah Buley

UX design

Usable Usability: Simple Steps for Making Things Better

Frustrated by pop–ups? Forms that make you start over if you miss a field? Nonsensical error messages? You′re not alone!

Eric Reiss

UX design Usability

User Experience Mapping: Enhance UX with User Story Map, Journey Map and Diagrams

Understand your users, gain strategic user insights, and make your product development more efficient with user experience mapping.

Peter W Szabo

UX design Discovery