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Why UX Research Is a Cornerstone of UX Design - From the Client’s Perspective

By Manik Arora The design-thinking process is an all-encompassing journey that UX designers and their clients undertake when they conceive of, design, and build a new digital product, service, or communication or revamp an existing one. However, by virtue of this process being greater than the sum of its parts, our clients—who don’t work within the sphere of design—often underestimate the importance of its individual components. However, conveying the importance of individual UX methods to a client can be an uphill task—on top of persuading them to see the value of the design-thinking process itself, which presents its own unique challenges. There have been many circumstances in which I’ve had to convince clients to go forward with UX research, so I’ve gained quite a good understanding of how to do this over the years. In this column, I’ll break down the many benefits of UX research, then go one step further by describing how UX designers can convey the value of UX research to their clients, who may be apprehensive about conducting research. Read More

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