Explore a collection of hand-crafted UX and design portfolios, blogs and personal sites.

What are webrings?

Popular in the early days of the Web, webrings are a way to link together similar sites and share traffic. This webring is an attempt to foster a DIY aesthetic and inspire designers to create their own corner of the internet.

The webring welcomes well-designed, hand-crafted personal homepages, portfolios and blogs.

Why join?

As well being linked to from the webring, we’ll promote a different site in each edition of our email newsletter. Plus, if you have a RSS feed, your content will automatically appear in the UX News section and have priority consideration for being featured in the newsletter.

How to join?

Anyone is welcome to apply, but sites that meet the following criteria have a better chance of being succesful:

  • It’s a personal website, portfolio or blog, ideally one you’ve made yourself.
  • It’s well crafted and designed with high-qualty content.
  • It has a UX or design focus.

To apply, fill out the form and add the webring icon to your site using the code below. We’ll let you know if your application has been successful.

Webring code

<a href="https://www.uxlift.org/webring" target="_blank" class="webring"><img src="https://www.uxlift.org/assets/site/webring-icon.svg" /></a>

If your site has a dark theme, use webring-icon-white.svg.