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June UX Training 2024 Agenda

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 24 June 2024

Take up to 3 in-depth training courses, teaching user experience best practices for successful design. Courses focused on long-lasting skills …

Uniting Web And Native Apps With 4 Unknown JavaScript APIs — Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine - 20 June 2024

Have you heard of the Screen Orientation API? What about the Device Orientation API, Vibration API, or the Contact Picker …

Food Delivery & Takeout: New UX Benchmark with 3,000+ Performance Scores and 2,000+ Best Practice Examples – Articles – Baymard Institute

Baymard Institute

Baymard Institute - 20 June 2024

We’ve released a new UX benchmark with 8 food delivery and takeout sites with over 3,000 new industry-specific UX performance …

New to design systems? Here’s your start guide

UX Planet

UX Planet - 19 June 2024

I have been using design systems throughout my career, but it wasn’t until I joined a startup as a founding …

Design is intent shaping creation.


Prototypr - 19 June 2024

In every act of creation, the spirit and intention behind it are as crucial as the act itself. This emotional …

UX lessons we can learn from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

UX Planet

UX Planet - 19 June 2024

It’s hard to believe, but at its prime, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) not only captivated global audiences but also …

Shaped Designers — Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine - 19 June 2024

Job openings typically cast a very restrictive frame for candidates, with long lists of expectations and requirements. But what if …

Designer’s Maturity Model

UX Magazine

UX Magazine - 18 June 2024

Useful Email Newsletters For Designers — Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine - 17 June 2024

Whether you want to take your user research skills to the next level, get better at UX writing, or stay …

Why do people still use notepads?

UX Planet

UX Planet - 15 June 2024

This question is incredibly important to me because I am currently working as a product designer at Craft Docs. Craft …

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Latest tools



Photopea.com is a free online tool for editing raster and vector graphics with support for PSD, AI, and Sketch files.

Interface design Visual design


Vectorpea.com is a free online tool for editing vector graphics with support for AI, PDF and SVG files.

Diagramming Illustration Visual design Wireframing
Kite Compositor

Kite Compositor

A powerful animation and prototyping application for Mac & iOS

Animation Prototyping
Proven By Users

Proven By Users

A user research platform that enables you to test all aspects of your UX and design.

User testing
Bellini Slushie

Bellini Slushie

Get all the survey help you need with the Bellini Slushie Question Bank. It's a forever free, open-source database of survey questions, translations, and guidance.

User research


The fast and fun visual builder for React.

Story Creator

Story Creator

Simple online video editing for digital creators.



Kinopio is the visual thinking tool for new ideas and hard problems.



A 100% free front-end solution for Sketch app that lets you build real code prototypes and even very simple websites. No plugins, only using the built-in tools.