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Diez Diez

Cross-platform design system framework, making it easy to adopt a unified design language across codebases, platforms, and teams.

Design systems

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Design Token Components

Use TypeScript to compose design tokens into deeply customizable, reusable, and developer-friendly Design Token Components.

Design Token Components enable a “write once, use anywhere” paradigm for your design language, across codebases.

Cross-Platform Native Compiler

More precisely a transpiler: Diez builds your TypeScript component definitions into pure native SDKs for iOS, Android, and the Web — complete with type definitions and autocomplete.

Diez works with your codebase(s): Diez carries zero opinions about rendering, requires no runtime or VMs, and is designed for progressive adoption.

Design File Extractors

Diez includes command-line tools for extracting normalized, strongly typed styles and images from many modern design tools.

Hot Updates

The Diez compiler ships with a **hot** mode, which allows for hot updates at development time — even inside native iOS and Android apps.

Alternatives to Diez


One place to version, manage, and collaborate on your Sketch files.

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Build. Document. Integrate. Powerful component libraries & styleguides that fit the way you work.

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HTML Sketchapp

HTML Sketchapp turns HTML nodes into Sketch layers or symbols. Additionally, it allows to export shared text styles and document colors.

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React Sketch.app

Render React components to Sketch; tailor-made for design systems

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The industry-leading tool for digital design.

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