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Build. Document. Integrate. Powerful component libraries & styleguides that fit the way you work.

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Complete freedom to use whichever templating language, build tool and organisational model best suits your project.


Seamlessly integrate your component library into your site, app or build tools by including it as a dependency in your build.


Component preview data can be hardcoded or dynamically generated any way you like - for instance using libraries such as Faker.

Alternatives to Fractal


An After Effects extension to export animations for web.

Web development Animation


Combine design documentation with real, live components in one single place, making collaboration between designers and developers seamless.

Web development Design systems


Whatever your work environment, Flywheel's powerful WordPress platform removes all the hassles of hosting, streamlines your processes, and lets you get back to doing your best work.

Hosting Web development


Hugo is one of the most popular open-source static site generators. With its amazing speed and flexibility, Hugo makes building websites fun again.

Web development


Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs.

Web development


An iOS, Android, and React Native library that renders After Effects animations in real time, allowing apps to use animations as easily as they use static images.

Web development Animation


Netlify is everything you need to build fast, modern websites: continuous deployment, serverless functions, and so much more.

Hosting Web development


An open source tool for developing UI components in isolation for React, Vue, and Angular. It makes building stunning UIs organized and efficient.

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