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Curated resources to help you develop your craft, from innovation toolkits to recommended books, fonts, icons, design principles, pattern libraries and much more.

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Clear Sans

A versatile OpenType font for screen, print and Web, and designed with on-screen legibility in mind.

Font Typography Visual design

IBM Plex

Designed to work well in user interface environments as well as other mediums, the Plex family comes in Sans, Serif, Mono and Sans Condensed.

Font Typography

The Persona Template

The template captures the persona’s picture and name; the persona’s details including demographics, lifestyle, and job-related information; and the persona’s goal: the benefits to be achieved or the problems to be solved, and the reason why the persona would want to use or purchase the product.

Customer discovery


Create avatar illustrations in Sketch with this free library. Combine clothes, hair, emotions, accesories, and colors.

Photo & illustration Illustration


A collection of 460+ icons, free for personal and commercial use.

Icon library Visual design

Eva Icons

A pack of more than 480 beautifully crafted Open Source icons for common actions and items.

Icon library Visual design

Design patterns for mental health

A collection of design patterns combining clinical and design best practices.

Pattern library Information architecture Design ethics

Component design quality checklist

Lyft's checklist for determining the quality of proposed design system components.

Checklist Design systems

Dark patterns

Dark patterns are tricks used in websites and apps that make you buy or sign up for things that you didn't mean to. This site spreads awareness to shame companies that use them.

Pattern library Design patterns Information architecture Design ethics