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Simple, clean, and friendly analytics for businesses, marketers and developers.


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We show you the essentials: page views, referrers, top pages, and screen sizes. We enrich this data with useful info like original Tweets.

We don’t use cookies or collect any personal data. So no cookie banners, GDPR, CCPA, or PECR to worry about.

When a service is free you are the product. We won’t ever sell your data. As a result, we need to charge.


For easy setup, just add our 2 lines to your page and you’re done! By default our script supports modern frameworks like Vue, Angular and React


To keep it simple we only offer a few metrics:
page views, referrers, top pages, and screen sizes.
These metrics will provide enough basic insights for most websites.


We designed our analytics in a way that doesn’t track your users. We don’t collect any data that’s not necessary.

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