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Design thinking

Creative strategies used during the design process.


The diverge-and-converge technique for UX workshops

By first working independently on a problem, then converging to share insights, teams can leverage the benefits of both work styles, leading to rapid data analysis, diverse ideas, and high-quality designs.

Design thinking Collaboration

How your team can solve a customer problem in just 8 minutes

This article explores a workshopping technique which helps teams find simple, elegant solutions to the projects they’re working on.

Information architecture Design thinking Collaboration

How to Look Before You Leap: A guide to mapping assumptions for product development teams

Assumptions Mapping is an exercise in which a cross-functional team can unpack risky assumptions about a new product or service.

Design thinking Product management

The Double Diamond: Strategy + Execution of the Right Solution

The ‘Double Diamond’ process maps the divergent and convergent stages of a design process. Created by The British Design Council, it describes modes of thinking that designers use.

Design thinking

A study of the design process (PDF)

For our most in-depth study ever, Design Council researchers visited the design departments of eleven companies, all world-leaders in their fields.

Design thinking


75 Tools for Creative Thinking

A fun card deck for anyone who needs creative inspiration.

Design toolkit Collaboration Design thinking

CMD Methods Pack

This pack supports your design research planning in any communication and media design (CMD) project.

Design toolkit Collaboration Design thinking

Design Kit

A comprehensive collection of human-centred design methods, mindsets and case studies.

Design toolkit Design thinking

Design thinking templates

Get a master bundle of 35 “Design Thinking” templates

Design toolkit Design thinking

Digital Services Playbook

We created a playbook of 13 key “plays” that, if followed together, will help government build effective digital services.

Design toolkit Service design Design thinking

Futuremaker's Toolbox

Are you missing a long-term goal? This toolbox will help you to outline the future and build a vision towards a better tomorrow.

Design toolkit Collaboration Design thinking

Government Design Principles

The UK government's design principles and examples of how they've been used.

Principle Design thinking Visual design

Hyper Island Toolbox

A resource kit you can use to apply creative collaboration and unleash potential in your team or organization.

Design toolkit Design thinking Collaboration


A card game that takes players through a series of practical, guided activities and exercises that are crafted to delight, surprise, and at times challenge.

Design toolkit Product management Collaboration Design thinking

Liberating Structures

A menu of thirty-three Liberating Structures to replace or complement conventional practices. Liberating Structures used routinely make it possible to build the kind of organization that everybody wants. They are designed to include everyone in shaping next steps.

Design toolkit Design thinking

NOBL Academy

NOBL Academy is our library of tools, case studies, essays, and trainings designed to help you bring your culture together during an unprecedented time of uncertainty.

Design toolkit Collaboration Design thinking

Nesta Toolkits

A wide range of toolkits, guides and blueprints covering all kinds of topics, including civic engagement, artificial intelligence, climate change, creativity and more.

Design toolkit Design thinking


Tools and resources for naming things.

Design toolkit UX writing Design thinking

Open Design Kit

A living collection of guides and best practices to help you to make and design openly.

Design toolkit Design thinking Collaboration

Project of How

Project of How is a place to store and share creative methods. We dare you to improve your creative output.

Design toolkit Collaboration Design thinking


Practices, research, and tools from Google to improve your people processes.

Design toolkit UX leadership Design thinking

Systemic Design Toolkit

Systemic Design Toolkit helps you co-create interventions to tackle organisational and societal complexity.

Design toolkit Design thinking

The Creative Innovation Toolbox

How can we tap into our own creativity and that inherent in an organization?

Design toolkit Design thinking

The Design Sprint

The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

Design toolkit Design thinking

The Teamwork Kit

A collection of methods that helps teams build trust and deliver great work together.

Design toolkit Collaboration Design thinking

Tools for taking action

We’ve curated a collection of resources from our classes and workshops for you to explore.

Design toolkit Design thinking


Design Thinking in 3 Steps

Understand your audience, envision a creative solution, and test your prototype.

Short course Beginner Design thinking

Design Thinking: The Beginner’s Guide

This course will help you design better products, services, processes, strategies, spaces, architecture, and experiences.

Short course Beginner Design thinking

Creativity: methods to design better products and services

Design better products, services and experiences by helping you and your team develop innovative and useful solutions.

Short course Beginner Design thinking