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The Tipping Point in UX Design

Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction Design Foundation - 20 February 2024

Dive into Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point concept and its impact on UX. Explore UX evolution, its transformative power, and the …

UX strategy

Start with Why: How Understanding Purpose Transforms UX

UX Planet

UX Planet - 19 February 2024

I’ve learned that the foundation of exceptional user experiences lies in starting with why. It’s not enough to simply showcase …

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Achieving Harmony: Balancing Business Goals and the User Experience in Design :: UXmatters

UX Matters

UX Matters - 5 February 2024

Web magazine about user experience matters, providing insights and inspiration for the user experience community

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The Feature Trap: Why Feature Centricity Is Harming Your Product — Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine - 29 January 2024

Most product teams commonly adopt a feature-centric mindset, finding them convenient for brainstorming, drafting requirement documents, and integrating into backlogs …

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When Resources are Limited - Cost-Efficient Strategies for Delivering an App in Two Months Timeframe

UX Planet

UX Planet - 15 November 2023

Hello! I’m Alex, an Art Director at Anthracite Design Studio. In our studio, we prioritize data-driven design. Today I want …

UX strategy

Product Designer v/s Product Manager

UX Planet

UX Planet - 2 November 2023

Tips to empathising with your PMs, understanding their needs & dealing with them effectively | Unknown Skill of a Product …

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Lean UX in Action - How to Maximize Productivity and Minimize Waste

UX Planet

UX Planet - 19 August 2023

No other service experiences have the potential to involve so many different people or to have such dire consequences when …

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Design Risks - How to Assess, Mitigate, and Manage Them

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 28 May 2023

The risk-management process enables teams to assess risks during the design process in order to reduce harm to users and …

UX strategy

UX Strategy - Study Guide

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 12 March 2023

Unsure where to start? Use this collection of links to our articles and videos about UX visioning and strategy.

UX strategy

Strategy 101 for UX/UI designers

UX Planet

UX Planet - 2 February 2023

A 101 on how designers can use strategy to design products and services for tomorrow.

UX strategy

Mobile App Versus Web Site - Which Is Better for Your Business?

UX Matters

UX Matters - 25 April 2022

By Minu Mukherjee In our current digital age, a marketing strategy is incomplete without a digital presence. No company can …

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