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User empathy

The ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes; to truly see the world through their eyes in a given context or situation.


How do you measure delight?

In this article we’ll review many ways researchers have attempted to measure delight in the published literature.

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What is customer empathy? 9 industry experts weigh in

Customer empathy, like customer experiences, can mean different things to different people, disciplines, and industries. Is there a common thread that everyone can agree upon? Is there an industry standard when it comes to understanding customer empathy?

User empathy

What Is Empathy In Design Thinking? A Comprehensive Guide To Building Empathy For Your Users

Empathy is the cornerstone of any successful design project. The extent to which you understand and empathise with your users ultimately determines the outcome of your design.

User empathy

User Journey Planning – What is an Empathy Map?

Empathy maps are a really simple activity that should be part of your user journey workshop. They are fun to do and help you gain a better understanding of your customer segments to make more informed design decisions and improve the user experience.

User empathy