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Customer discovery

A customer-centric, scientific process that puts evidence behind an assumed product-market fit.


Show Your Work: How to Justify Your Decisions & Get Stakeholder Buy-In

Work effectively with stakeholders to set outcomes that create the most value for your organisation by creating solution trees, a tool that helps you explore potential paths to your desired outcome.

Customer discovery

How to create customer journey maps to optimize CX

To ensure customers have the best possible experience, it’s crucial to create user journey maps.

Customer discovery

How to create a customer journey map

Plotting out a customer’s emotional landscape by way of a Customer Journey Map, or Experience Map, along their path sheds ­­­­light on key opportunities for deepening relationships.

Customer discovery

A Closer Look at Personas - Part 1

A persona is a way to model, summarize and communicate research about people who have been observed or researched in some way.

Personas Customer discovery

Personas: benefits and best practices

Personas help to focus decisions surrounding site components by adding a layer of real-world consideration to the conversation.

Customer discovery Personas


The Persona Template
The Persona Template

The template captures the benefits to be achieved or the problems to be solved.

Customer discovery