A Playful Guide to Minimizing Cognitive Load for Maximum Fun-sability! ✨🧙‍♂️🌈

UX Planet

UX Planet - 21 February 2024

A whimsical journey through the enchanting realms of user experience! In this delightful adventure, we’ll unravel the mysteries of cognitive …


Usability Testing of Inline Form Validation: 31% Don’t Have It, 4% Get It Wrong

Baymard Institute

Baymard Institute - 20 February 2024

Live inline validation can save users from errors when submitting forms — yet 31% of sites don’t provide it. See …

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Disabled Buttons UX — Usability Issues and How to Avoid Them

UX Planet

UX Planet - 19 February 2024

This article describes the impact of disabled buttons on the overall user experience (UX). What are the usability issues related …

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The UX of AI: Lessons from Perplexity

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 16 February 2024

The NN/g UX Podcast featured Henry Modisett, head of design at Perplexity AI, who shared how to make AI tools …

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Usability Heuristics Applied to Board Games

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 16 February 2024

Usability heuristics suggest what influences the design of successful board games.


Comparison Tables for Products, Services, and Features

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 9 February 2024

Use this versatile GUI tool to support users when they need to make a decision that involves considering multiple attributes …

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13 QR-Code Usability Guidelines

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 9 February 2024

To be effective, QR codes need clear, brief, contextual information and must lead the user to relevant pages.


Retain Data in Sensitive Credit Card Fields after Validation Errors (34% Don’t) – Articles – Baymard Institute

Baymard Institute

Baymard Institute - 6 February 2024

Some users abandon checkout if a site clears their credit card data when displaying form errors. Learn how to remain …

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Card Sorting: Uncover Users' Mental Models

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 2 February 2024

In a card-sorting study, users organize topics into groups. Use this research method to create an information architecture that suits …

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10 Great Sites for UI Design Patterns

Interaction Design Foundation

Interaction Design Foundation - 1 February 2024

We’ve put together a list of some of the best places to find UI design patterns on the web—so you …

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Mental Models and User Experience Design

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 26 January 2024

What users believe they know about a user interface impacts how they use it. Mismatched mental models are common, especially …

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Intranet Usability Guidelines: New Findings From 57 Intranets

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 19 January 2024

Updated intranet guidelines feature enhanced content practices by teams, refined search design to meet elevated expectations, task-oriented navigation, and standardized …

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Indicators, Validations, and Notifications: Pick the Correct Communication Option

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 17 January 2024

Status feedback is crucial to the success of any system. Knowing when to use 3 common communication methods is key …

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Memory Recognition and Recall in User Interfaces

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 15 January 2024

Recalling items from scratch is harder than recognizing the correct option in a list of choices because the extra context …

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Competitive Usability Evaluations: Definition

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 5 January 2024

Data on what works well or poorly on other sites saves you from implementing useless features and guides UX investments …

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Improve Validation Errors with Adaptive Messages (98% Don’t) – Articles – Baymard Institute

Baymard Institute

Baymard Institute - 14 December 2023

Error messages are inevitable in checkout — what matters is whether users are supported in addressing the issue. Yet almost …

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Ten UX strategies for making digital banking customers happy

UX Planet

UX Planet - 11 December 2023

We see hundreds of new skyrocketing fintech startups and challenger banks. They work hard on usability and design the best …

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Design for Them, Not for You — # Designing for Reality

UX Planet

UX Planet - 8 December 2023

Embarking on a design journey requires more than just creative flair; it demands a shift in perspective. “Design for Them, …


Five-Second Testing: Taking A Closer Look At First Impressions (Case Study) — Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine - 6 December 2023

Five-second testing is a popular method of usability research used in the industry, yet in essence, its core belief boils …

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The Importance of User Feedback and Data in UX Design

UX Matters

UX Matters - 5 December 2023

By Syed Balkhi One of the biggest struggles that all UX professionals face is understanding user needs. Users often surprise …

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