Blending digital elements with the real world (AR) or creating entirely virtual environments (VR), this technology enhances user interaction and experience.


Spatial Computing: A New Paradigm of Interaction

UX Matters

UX Matters - 19 February 2024

Four design principles for spatial computing.


Enhancing User Engagement Through Interactive, Virtual Real-Estate Tours

UX Matters

UX Matters - 23 October 2023

By Magnus Eriksen Virtual tours have become increasingly popular for entertainment, education, and a variety of practical purposes. People can …

AR/VR User engagement

Apple Vision Pro Spatial Design 101 - (Part 2)

UX Planet

UX Planet - 17 July 2023

Learn Spatial Design from scratch


Mastering Apple’s AR Guidelines - An Exploration into Designing for AR

UX Planet

UX Planet - 20 June 2023

A deep dive into the UX and UI realm of AR design. An alaysis of Apple’s design guidelines for the …


AR-Onboarding Walkthroughs in Mobile Apps

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group - 25 September 2022

Mobile apps using augmented reality benefit from interactive walkthroughs that guide users through a simple AR experience. These walkthroughs should …

AR/VR Interaction design